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Administration !

Hello everyone who follows us, if you are new, welcome. On we'll talk a little about administration.

Let's start by clarifying what organizations are?

Organization are resource systems that aim to achieve some objectives, they are composed of Objectives, Resources, Transformation Processes, Division of Work.

A) Objectives: in the administration are the product provided and the service provided by the organization.

Example: In a supermarket, the organization's objective is to supply rice, beans, among others, preferably with good service.

B) Resources: what do we have? or what we need to provide some service, this division is very broad, such as people, material resources such as spaces, facilities, machines, furniture and equipment, and intangible resources such as time and knowledge.

C) Transformation processes: and transforming resources to produce results. That is, a set or sequence of interconnected activities with a beginning, middle and end to provide a certain product or result.

D) Division of work: just as each member of the body has a role, also in an organization it is necessary for each part to perform certain functions to achieve the objective.

Example: in a supermarket, it is important to have someone who replenishes the products on the shelf, the cashier, the manager.

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