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Administration efficiency and effectiveness

Hello guys, I'm OS ( one of the subjects sent to us by email was about when we will talk about administration materials again.

Well today we are going to talk about an important subject the difference between Efficiency and Effectiveness although both are similar both are a little different

Efficacy: it is about achieving the objective, that is, the ability to achieve the desired results.

Example: John was paid to clean the house, the desired result and house cleaning no matter how much he spent to reach the goal.

Efficiency: If it's about saving resources, use the least amount of resources to get the results.

Example: John was paid to clean the house, efficiency is paramount and saving on cleaning materials, regardless of whether the end result is achieved.

As we can see, both are good for companies in themselves, the primordial and the result, then, between efficiency and effectiveness, the best and effectiveness. However, both are important because we remember that companies' resources are limited, so the final price is very important.

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