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Bic Pen - The affordable pen

Hello, today we are going to talk about an affordable and excellent quality product, the Bic ballpoint pen. Its history begins with its creator Marcel Bich. Marcel Bich was an Italian born in Turin in 1914 who, together with his partner Edouard Buffard, bought a factory on the outskirts of Paris to make parts for pens and mechanical pencils.

However, his entrepreneurial spirit faced an excellent opportunity as Marcel Bich realized that his business was growing, he also realized that a new product was making headway in the ballpoint pen. Wasting no time, he sought to obtain the patent rights from the Hungarian Lásló Bíró. Marcel Bich after obtaining the patent released his ballpoint pen on December 27, 1950, promoting the product as an affordable pen and a reliable product, the product was named "Bic" in honor of its creator.

Now, in addition to a wide range of products on, we also have Bic transparent pens in our catalogue.

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