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Pyrrhic victory - terms and expressions

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Today we are going to talk about the expression "Pyrrhic Victory or Pyrrhic victory", whose expression was named after King Pyrrhus who commanded the region of Epirus of Greece, this brave King was responsible for leading his army to fight against the Roman phalanges. This King had victories in the battles Heraclea and Asculum however his victories had great damage after the second battle, Plutarch the report made by Dionysius of Halicarnassus (historian and literary critic Greek of Asia Minor, born around the middle of the 1st century before the common era): “The armies separated; and Pyrrhus is said to have replied to an individual who showed him joy at the victory that "another victory like this we shall be ruined."

His victories, although important, destroyed the military forces he had brought with him, which included most of his friends and top commanders. Pyrrhus' losses did not stop there, there were no other men to form new recruits and his allies in Italy retreated. To Pirus' dismay his opponents the Romans and their camp were constantly and abundantly filled with new soldiers with a strong war spirit.

This valiant King would see his end from the City of Argos - Greece where Pyrrhus was caught up in a confused battle in the narrow streets of the city. During the conflict, a lady watching from the roof would have, according to some historical accounts, thrown a tile at Pyrrhus, the blow caused Pyrrhus to fall stunned, allowing an Argive soldier to kill him.

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