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Russia vs Ukraine - history

Hello, this is OS ( today we are going to escape the normality and talk about a subject that you dear readers have been asking us mainly through our official and private Instagram email - the situation in Ukraine.

Well, the war and conflict between these two great nations is already very old, going back to the time of the Middle Ages, the two have common roots that are understood until the era of the State of Russia in Kiev, so it is common for Russian President Putin to refer to him as if two were only one people. The fundamental distinction is that Russia managed to become an empire while Ukraine failed to establish a state of its own in the 17th century fundamental part of Ukraine once belonged to the former Russian empire when the terror empire of the tsars ended Ukraine managed to have a brief moment of independence before the former USSR annexed Ukraine by force.

In 1997 Russia and Ukraine form an alliance of friendship, the "Great Treaty", through which Moscow recognized the official borders of Ukraine, including the Crimean Peninsula, a region that is home to an ethnic Russian majority.

In 2022, the situation between the two countries became tense again when Ukraine showed that it wanted to participate in NATO, which did not please Russia since Ukraine borders its country, leaving Russia geopolitically cornered. This feeling led Russia to act in this very brutal wood against Ukraine.

And of course there are more things in Summary and that

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