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The Machine War - Russia Vs Facebook, Twitter, Telegram

In addition to a great movie title, this fact unfortunately became a reality, because due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, some of the most famous social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Telegram announced changes due to the conflict.


Mark Zuckerberg's network decided to prevent the monetization of pages with this content due to the widespread dissemination of false information. The Meta company belonging to the same group has banned the Russian state press from running ads on its platforms.


If you go to Russia, get ready because the famous blue bird was also blocked in Russia, according to experts from the cybersecurity NGO NetBlocks, such a measure was necessary after images and videos of the Russian defense went viral on social media. Twitter has recorded approximately over 40,000 posts with links from the Russian conflict and according to Twitter most of these profiles are from ordinary users and not from official Russian media channels.


Now speaking of Russians, the famous social network Telegram created by Nikolai and Pavel Durov ended up becoming an important tool for the dissemination of FakeNews, the CEO of Telegram Pavel Durov, even said yesterday, February 27, that he intends to totally or partially restrict some channels of the application.

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